2011-02-23 Chocolate Cake Pops

Weeeeeellllll....I said I would try to do something in chocolate that I've never tried before, and I'm not sure I'm going to repeat this one, but it was interesting to try!

For February's cooking challenge, the theme was to make something unusual or different from anything you've ever made with chocolate. So, I decided to make Cake Pops.

Cake Pops have largely been made "famous" by a cooking blogger and writer called Bakerella. If you go to her site and compare my efforts with her masterpieces, you may slightly pee while laughing at my Pops. So maybe you should take a bathroom break, and come back to me....OK, ready now?

Good. I don't want to be blamed for you ruining your undies.

So, first, I made the balls. Balls are made by baking a chocolate cake and crumbling it into a bowl. You mix the crumbed cake with a can of cream cheese frosting. Using a melon-baller or cookie scoop, make -- oh, I don't know -- about 50 balls.
Cake Balls

But you cannot eat these balls yet. Because they're naked. And no one likes naked balls. First you must freeze them for several hours (or over night) to get your balls firm. (Yes, I am enjoying all the ball double-entendres!) PS, I decided to keep about half the balls frozen to be candied at another time.

Now after several hours you have firm, frozen balls. Melt some "candy melts" in your color of choice. I chose red, because we all know that, universally speaking, red is the best color. I dipped them and rolled them around in the bowl using a spoon to facilitate the smothering process. I stuck a stick in each one. It was messy, but I lined them all up in a row on wax paper.
Cake Pops on Parade

I wrapped up my little red balls and brought them to a get-together, where they were gobbled up.
Eating a Cake Pop

My Pops don't look perfect, but they tasted good.

Out of 5, I give it 4 for taste and 5 for degree of difficulty. Dipping your balls is the hardest part...

Oh, I give up! I don't have any other ball jokes! Except this: Make and eat these Balls!


  1. My personal favorite are the Schweaty Balls. Those are really yummy. But yours look good, too. ;-)

  2. Thank you for admiring my balls! LOL!