2011-02-11 Chocolate Weekend

I've got a big weekend of chocolate cooking coming up...this month's theme is to do something new with chocolate. I've several ideas floating around...I've never made mousse or souffle, or actual candy. I'm also thinking of doing something which requires piped chocolate, too. I'm going to narrow it down today, and run out for supplies this weekend. I know I'm going to buy a set of piping tips, for sure, and I might take a run at something I can make and hand out at a meeting I have on Tuesday. We'll see.

In other cooking news, a friend of mine had a catering company that she is shutting down, and she had a liquidation sale, so I toddled down there last weekend and got myself some new "presentation dishes." Pretty, eh?

I'm looking forward to displaying my wares pretty soon, but for now, the challenge is making room in storage for these new plates. Booooo.

This weekend is also going to be a "theah-tah" weekend. I'll be seeing West Side Story on Sunday night, with a few friends. A do love a musical! Can't wait for the fun to begin! C'mon, 5 o'clock!


  1. Love. these. dishes! Gorgeous! Gorgeous enough...for a Jet OR Shark...

  2. As a Latina, I guess I'm naturally a Shark. But I also question the playwright's decision to make the Puerto Rican gang's name an English one. Proof positive is every Latin gang, EVER, whose names are always Spanish-y. So technically they would be the Tiburones. What's that, Mr Bernstein and Mr. Sondheim? Tiburon has too many syllables to be in your songs? Oh fine, then just call them the Sharks. We'll just call it artistic license. : )

  3. I can't believe I have never thought of this before, but you're right! Why would they call themselves the Sharks? I"m totally calling them Tiburones.